Lallzyme EX 8g Gram Advanced Pectic Enzyme (Medium Pack)


Specially formulated enzyme preparation for improved color intensity and stability, greater mouthfeel, and enhanced fruity, floral, and spicy flavors in red wine. Dissolve .1 g in 10ml of water per gallon of must. Add to must prior to fermentation. Basically a pectic enzyme. Use one packet per 5-8 gallon batch.  Also available in the 80g and 100G packs.  Lallemand Oenology tannin and enzyme products help you find the hidden treasure in your wine!

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ACTION:  The cellulase and hemi-cellulase activities of LALLZYME EX drive faster extraction of skin compounds (tannins) which are then available to form complexes contributing to a fuller more rounded type of tannin.

– permits the release and stabilization of less reactive tannins, which are also less astringent
– limits extraction of C6 compounds, responsible for herbaceous notes

RESULTS:  The results of trials conducted in triplicate on Sangiovese demonstrate the wines treated with enzymes have higher color intensity, and higher amounts of tannins and anthocyanins than the control (Lallemand compared results,1998).

USAGE: LALLZYME EX is normally used in the doses of 2-3 g /hL of must or 15-20 g/ton grapes.  Dissolve the enzyme in water or in must in a sufficient volume so that it is distributed easily over the mass of  Grapes (generally the proportion used is 1:100). The enzyme can be added directly to the grapes before pressing.  In white wine, it is recommended to add LALLZYME EX during pressing if using a pneumatic press.



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