JAGERBITTER Jaktbitter Schnapps Liquor Quik Herbal Schnapps Flavoring Essence


This mixture recreates that classic herbal schnapps from Wolfenbuttel, Germany.  Makes about 1 liter.  Blend contents with 750ml alcohol, 1/2 cup sugar and  an ounce of glycerine.  Shake well.  Age for 5 minutes and shake again.  Ready to serve! Despite its overuse among college students as a get-drunk-quick shooter to cascade down ice luges, this is excellent digestif material for grown-ups too. This ruddy, herbal spirit is dominated by licorice and clove flavors, with a faint, bracingly bitter tinge in the medium-bodied mouth and on the finish. The college crowd got one thing right, though: Jäger is best icy cold.

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Liquor Quik is the oldest brand of alcohol flavorings and a recognized world leader in distilling products and spirit flavors. With Liquor Quik, you can easily make low cost alcohol and turn it into delicious full flavored alcoholic beverages that evoke the taste of far more expensive Whiskeys, Vodkas, Gin, Schnapps & Liqueurs.

These essences are developed and imported from Nova Scotia where both drinking and home distilling are very popular.  It is very cold up there and those folks have figured out how to stay warm!  Liquor Quik has developed a range of flavors inspired by popular spirits and liqueurs from all over the world.  Each flavor is designed to be added to a neutral spirit and adds the specific alcohol flavor you desire. The Liquor Quik range of flavors are beautifully presented in 20ml bottles that are labelled individually to indicate the spirit or liquor they evoke.  Each essence bottle will generally flavor a standard size 750ml bottle.

With Liquor Quik recipes and ingredients you can reproduce just about any alcohol based drink you want, your way. You can also modify alcohol content, and add additional aromas and taste traits as well.  It is Liquor Quick!

It’s not rocket science, just a fun and easy way to make the drinks you enjoy, at a price you can afford. What’s more, is if you follow the easy recipe guidelines and use the right flavour and sweetenings mixed into your spirit base, the drink you make will taste so good your friends will find it hard to believe you made them yourself!!

One of the issues you may encounter is proofing your distillates.  When you add the flavoring and sugars your proof will be reduced, and the Proof Hydrometer will not measure accurately once the sugar has been added.  One way to compensate for this is to first determine the volume of water you will be adding to hit your proof target, then add the flavoring and sweeteners as part of the water you will be adding to proof with.  Remember to use less water to account for the added volume of the sugar.


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