INFUSION SPIRALS American Oak CHAR #3 Toasted Stix for flavoring Wine Brandy or Alcohol Spirits


American Oak Infusion Spirals fit right inside your glass carboy mouth and add rich, subtle oaky notes to your next batch of wine, brandy, or spirits.  One spiral does 3 gallons and you are getting a pair. You can snap off some of the spiral for less oak.   Adds super dark color, smoke, vanilla, and caramel flavors with nice tannin structure. Our standard, a #3 char provides the most vanillins. Caramel and toffee flavors are also present that work well for Bourbons and provide a beautiful dark amber color.    Used primarily during the aging process.  Think about combining different toast levels in the same tank. This will add complexity, length and mid-palate sweetness.  Two per pack.  Made in USA from American Oak.



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  • PREMIUM OAK AGING SPIRALS: Add the flavor of oak to any homebrew spirit. Impress your friends with the quality of your homebrew with our must have home brewing supplies.
  • RAPID FLAVOR EXTRACTION: Our premium toasted oak spiral use the end grain of the wood allowing flavor infusion 8x faster versus using oak barrels for aging whiskey.
  • ADD ANYTIME: Introduce oak characteristics to wine, whiskey, beer, spirits, or liquor with our oak aging spirals as it can be used at all stages of the fermentation and aging process without leaving a mess
  • SIX WEEKS IS ALL YOU NEED: After just six weeks all of the toasted oak flavor is extracted from our oak barrel spiral. Re-use in a grill or smoker once you’ve completed your bottle aging to add unique flavors to your latest bbq creations
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED: Just 100% pure wood toasted to several char. No additives or preservatives in our wood spirals for aging whisky so you just add the natural wood flavor to your homebrew without a large expensive barrel or cask

The Oak Infusion Spiral is a patented oak alternative used to add flavor and aroma to fine wine, but also can be used with whiskey, rum and beer. It has been used in thousands of wines since 2005 with outstanding results from every major wine region in North America. The unique spiral-cut design creates unrivaled surface area in a small package, allowing fast extraction of the toasted oak aroma and flavor compounds with refined integration in the wine.

The big surface area of the spiral design allows a shorter pickup time of wood character, allowing adequate oak impact in a matter of 7 to 14 days of contact time. Full extraction in 6 weeks.  Toasting is a process measured in time & temperature, not color. Differences in darkness or lightness of identically toasted woods is due to natural differences in the wood before toasting, such as grain tightness & moisture, each of which falls into a range of values that meets our standard.

Dark toast American oak provides complex, pleasant and well defined toasted oak characters.  Expect aromas of vanilla, toffee, butterscotch, chocolate, coffee, mocha, graham cracker, with even a touch of nutmeg and clove. The flavors provide sweetness, creaminess and roundness to the mouth feel with a lingering toasty character. Oak alternatives are beneficial for introducing premium oak characters to wines at a low cost and are primarily used during the aging process.  Experience the positive effects on wine color, aromas, flavor, mouth feel, body, and depth.

These spirals are produced by oak professionals at The Barrel Mill and experienced technicians using a convection process to produce the highest quality products on the market.

  • 2PK American Oak Spirals CHAR # 38” x 1” x 2
  • Age, customize and add complexity to your own wine, brandy, cognac, spirit or liquor.
  • Heavy Dark Char #3.  Features sweet oak, increases fruit perception and adds structure.
  • Can be used at all stages of the fermentation and aging process without leaving a mess.
  • Add oak without having to use a barrel.  One spiral will do 3 gallons in 6 weeks. (Full extraction)
  • Beneficial For Introducing Premium Oak Characteristics to Wines.


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