French Oak Chips Medium Toast 4oz Pack for Beer Wine Brandy or Moonshine Alcohol


French Oak Chips add rich, subtle oaky notes to your next batch of beer, wine or shine.  These chips are roasted between 350 – 375 °F to give them a medium toast. They will allow you to imitate storing your wine in an oak barrel without the expense, evaporation, and consternation.  French oak (Quercus sessilis) sourced from the Allier forests in France has a fruity cinnamon allspice character.  Gives notes of sweet oak, vanilla custard, chocolate, caramel, and campfire.  Increases fruit perception and adds structure. French oak has more tannin and a milder aroma and flavor impact than American oak.  4oz, also available in the 1LB and 40LB packs.  Imported from France.



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Medium toast French oak provides complex, pleasant and well defined toasted Oak characters.  Expect aromas of Vanilla, toffee, Butterscotch, chocolate, coffee, mocha, graham cracker, with a touch of nutmeg and clove. The flavors provide sweetness, creaminess and roundness to the mouth feel with a lingering pronounced toast character. Oak Plus chips are beneficial for Introducing premium Oak Characters to wines at a low cost while offering positive effects on wine color, aromas, Flavor, mouth feel as well as creating depth and Body.

For white wine, add 1 cup of chips to 5 gallons wine. Try 2 cups for a red wine.  Allow to soak until the flavor profile is what you want, then strain out during the next racking.  You can also try making a ‘tea’, simply boil in water for 10 minutes, then add the tea to taste.

  • French Oak Chips
  • Medium toast – 1 lb
  • Can be used at all stages of the fermentation and aging process
  • Beneficial For Introducing Premium Oak Characteristics to Wines


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