XtraMocha MOCHA OAK CHIPS (French AND American Oak Blend) Medium Toast 1lb Pack for Beer Wine Brandy or Moonshine Alcohol from Xtrachene


MOCHA Oak Chips add rich, subtle chocolate oak notes to your next batch of beer, wine or shine.  French and American oak each have their own characteristics. When they are processed together, they complement each other and create a unique synergy. Mocha oak is an ideal blend of proportions combined with a special long and intense toast.  French oak brings better structure and spicy, toasted aromas.  American oak has better roundness and more sweet aromas.  The blend has a higher CAOX than the two components alone bringing enhanced fruitiness to the wine.  These chips will allow you to imitate storing your wine in an oak barrel without the expense, giving you notes of mocha, vanilla and caramel.  1lb, also available in the 4oz.



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This proprietary blend of American and French oak combines the particular flavors of the French oak — spices and wood — with the American oak adding layers of aroma with lactones during the aging of the wine. The unique toasting process reaps higher intensity caramel, mocha, and coffee flavors along with toasted and roasted elements, and also heats more of the oak woods. The mocha adds complexity to the wine and enhances the fruitiness coming from the grapes.

For white wine, soak 1 cup of chips for an hour and add to 5 gallons wine. Try 2 cups for a red wine.  Allow to soak in wine until the flavor profile is what you want, then strain out during the next racking.  You can also try making a ‘tea’, simply boil in water for 10 minutes, then add the tea to taste.

  • French and American Oak Chips
  • Medium toast – 1 lb
  • Can be used at all stages of the fermentation and aging process
  • Beneficial For Introducing Premium Oak Characteristics to Wines
  • Impacts aromatics
  • Enhances the fruit
  • Balances mouthfeel
  • Adds complexity
  • Product of France:  www.xtrachene.fr


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