HOPS US BREWERS GOLD 1oz – an Antique Hop and a Native American (DISCONTINUED) SENDING GALENA


Brewer’s Gold is one of the old timers of the hop world.  BG is a Native American, bred in 1919 from Wild Manitoba hops.  Mainly used as a bittering hop, but the intense black currant spice aroma is very nice in Belgian ales.  Resiny and spicy bittering hop for use in a variety of beers from English ales to German styles and farmhouse ales.  Somewhat in disuse, Brewers’s Gold lives in the shadow of more modern Super-Alpha varieties, it’s children are much more popular than the parents.  BG was used to breed notable varieties like Galena, Nugget, Centennial and many others.  BG is a sibling of Bullion.

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Currently very limited acreage of Brewers Gold is grown in USA. Discontinued by most home brew distributors.  Don’t know how much longer we will have it.

  • Packaged in nitrogen flushed, oxygen barrier mylar-foil bag
  • Spicy, fruity characteristics, black currant.
  • Typical Alpha Acid: 8.0% – 10.0%.
  • Typical Beta Acid:  3.5-4.0.
  • Total Oil: 2. 0-2. 4 mgs/100g.
  • Mainly used as a bittering hop.
  • Used in Beer Styles: Ale, Pilsner, Lambic, Biere de Garde, Saison
  • Popular for brewing Antique Beers

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