BASE MALT 55lb Sack 2-Row, Unmilled Malted Grain for Brewing Beer – Our Most Popular Brands Briess, Great Western, Proximity, Viking, Rahr


RAHR Premium 2-Row is our flagship base malt.   Premium 2-Row can be used in single infusion mashes.  Provides for a soft malt character in the finished beer.  It is darker than most lager malts, but lighter than most pale ale malts. It has moderate protein levels, and good extract yield. Its neutral characteristics make it extremely versatile, and it is widely used by North American craft breweries as their standard base malt for any beer style. This malt is also the first substitute for someone looking for 6-row malt.  Produced from North American US barley, this base malt is processed meticulously to create a balanced flavor profile designed to be at the heart of your craft. Clean and sweet with slight malt undertones and raw grain character. Great for use in all beer styles. 1.8 – 2.0 Lovibond. When it comes to craft beer we know that flavor is huge – Go with Rahr!  

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LOCAL CUSTOMERS MAY CHOOSE From available maltsters.  When fully stocked we may also have Briess, Great Western, Proximity, or Viking.

Classic. Premium. Perfection. For generations, Premium Two Row has been our pinnacle base malt. It’s perfect for all beer styles, especially American ales and lagers, producing a very clean, smooth finish. When you want peak performance, there’s no better choice than our Premium Two Row. Some say brewing beer is an art; others say it’s a science. We say it’s a little bit of both.

The world’s best malt is not created just by algorithms and recipes. Like producing award-winning beer and spirits, it takes a sixth sense, a knowing when flavor, depth, color and character of the malt is just right. It takes an intuition and an instinct that takes decades to master. We call it soul.  For 80 years, it has been our passion to make perfect malt
for craft brewers and distillers like you. Thank you for choosing us to be at the heart of your craft.2° L –

Great Western Premium Two Row Malt Analysis:

Moisture, % 4.4
Extract %, finely ground malt, as is 77.9
Extract %, finely ground malt, dry basis 81.5
Extract %, coarsley ground malt, as is 76.2
Extract %, coarsley ground malt, dry basis 80.4
F/C Difference % 1.1
Color, laboratory Wort, degrees Lovibond 2.07
Viscosity 1.47
Beta Glucan, ppm 55
Diastatic Power 141
Alpha Amylase (DU) 58.5
Total Soluble Protein %, dry basis 5.37
Total Protein %, dry basis 11.33
S/T Ratio % 47.4
Conversion, minutes 5-7
Aroma of Mash Aromatic
Filtration Time Normal
Clarity of Wort 11.

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