FIRESTARTER 10X Mini Magnifying Glass Folding Pocket Magnifier Bigeye Glass Loupe


Harness the energy of the sun with this 10X Folding Pocket Magnifier.  Will start tinder burning in full sunlight.  Don’t wait until after dark to start your fire…  This is the classic Bigeye Glass Loupe with protective holster for reading fine print on maps, smartphones, newspapers, books, magazines, jewelry, and general hobby use.

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  • Convenient: mini compact, palm-sized, easy to put into pocket and carry it with you anywhere
  • Wide applications: 10x lenses, suitable for reading fine print, antique lovers, outdoor ignition, appreciation of paintings and prints
  • Good quality glass lens, leatherette case with anti-wear inner layer protection
  • Flexible design: unique design with a small gap on the side for easy removal of the magnifier. Just flip it out.
  • Perfect magnifying glass for pocket, purse, car, briefcase or desk drawer.
  • Dong Ta Pocket Spiegel from China

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .5 in


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