English (UK) HARD APPLE CIDER KIT ABC Crafted Series Pouched Hard Cider Recipe Kit


This English-style cider from the UK is crisp and refreshing!  You will enjoy the bold aroma and flavor of fresh, juicy apples with a brilliantly sharp finish. Wonderfully refreshing and thirst-quenching cider to drink year-round. This one will leave you wanting more!  This traditional style hard cider can be served still, or with carbonation to make a refreshingly spritzy drink.  1 kg of Dextrose or sugar needs to be purchased locally or from us.   ABC goes to a lot of effort to ensure there packaging procedures preserve the natural flavor of the fruit, giving you cider which is fresh and crisp.  Enjoy around the fire on a cold day or outside on a glorious fall day!

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  • Bold aroma and flavor of fresh apples with a brilliantly sharp finish.
  • Fresh, crisp and especially good on a hot summer’s day.
  • Color:  Deeply golden.  Finish: Sweet.
  • Makes 6 gallons (23L) at approx 5.2 percent ABV.
  • You will also need 2.2 lbs of dextrose or sugar for these kits.
  • CIDER MAKING KIT: ABC Crafted cider making kits come fully equipped with fruit concentrates, glucose syrup, yeast and sweeteners. Dextrose Corn Sugar sold separately. Check our Brand Store needed ingredients.
  • CRISP FRESH FLAVOR: Our apple flavored cider kit will produce a classic sweet cider with tastes of delicious orchard apples – light and crisp with a juicy apple bite. Enjoy chilled over ice!
  • 6 GALLONS OF CIDER: ABC Crafted at home kits yield approximately 6 gallons of hard cider so you can experience at home brewing at an amazing value.
  • ABV: This brewing kit creates a delicious cider that will be approximately 5.2% in ABV.
  • GREAT GIFT: Our beer home brewing kits make amazing gifts for anyone interested in homebrewing! These beer kits are easy to follow with complete instructions included.

Served lightly carbonated, cider pairs exceptionally well with food. Fresh cheese, leafy greens, seafood morsels, and anything slow-cooked, smoked, or barbecued will perfectly complement the boozy deep reddish purple apple nectar of fall.

Note: 2 lbs of Dextrose is required for proper fermentation. Other sugars, like brown sugar, can be used.

Brew great cider at home!

Anyone can brew beer and cider – The journey from beginner to expert starts in your very own home!   By brewing your own craft beer, you can pick the styles that you most enjoy; and with our range of innovative, quality products, you’ll be spoilt for choice.  We’re here to help you brew with confidence, to have fun and to produce great tasting beer and cider in the process. It just requires a little bravery and courage to get started. So, are you ready to discover the craft behind making your own?  Warning: Once you start homebrewing, it’s easy to become hooked.


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