COOPER’S CARBONATION DROPS Priming Sugar Tablets to Carbonate Soda and Beer


Here’s a factory sealed fresh pack of ~80 Coopers DIY Beer Carbonation drops from Australia for in bottle carbonation of soda and beer.  These tablets include all the necessary priming sugar and glucose.  Pretty much the ‘easy way’ to do in-bottle carbonation!  One tab per bottle about right for low-medium carbonation.   Great for easily carbonating a whole batch, or just a few bottles. Add 1 drop per 12 oz bottle, or 2 drops per 22oz bottle, and let carbonate at room temperature for 2 weeks.

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  • Approx 80 Sugar Tablets
  • Use instead of priming sugar to carbonate beers and ciders.
  • Accurate Dosage Dissolves Quickly
  • Convenient to Use,
  • No Mess, No Measuring, No Waste, No Boiling (with clean hands)
  • 1 Drop per 375ml bottle or 2 Drops per 750ml bottle

Just drop one tablet in a 350ml (~12oz) bottle and seal – Leave at room temperature and a week later the bottles will be carbonated – Ready to Chill and enjoy!

Precision is important in priming and with these tablets you get a safe standard dosage one size fits all. 
Be sure that all the original sugars have fermented out to dryness.  Then add one tab to each bottle.  If they are double size bottles, use two tabs.  Metric instructions on the package.
If you need more precision to accommodate the character of the beverage you are preparing, check out our store for “Carbonation Tablets”.  They are smaller and you can use one of the Cooper’s and 1,2, or 3 of the tabs to hit exact carbonation levels low, med and high carbonation levels.

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