Premium DRY ACTIVATED CARBON 4oz Factory Packed.  FOOD GRADE for use with basically any dry carbon purification system. Removes unwanted odors and flavors from up to 6 gallons of fermented bases.  Some powder, but mostly nice little crystals.


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This is a 4 OUNCE pouch of Dry Activated Carbon. Especially useful in sugar wash.  These little grains are perfect for refilling your Carbon Snake or other purification system. Activated carbon may be added directly to the wash just prior to pitching yeast and filtered or settled out later. May also be used in finished distillates. Either way, soak it at least a week and agitate occasionally. Fining or filtering will usually be required.  A coffee filter works fine for small batches.

Perfect for Distillers, Activated Carbon removes unwanted odors and flavors from fermented alco-bases like DADY, distiller’s yeast, SuperYeast, turbo-yeast, and ethanol distillates. Removes “Cat Box” aromas.  This carbon has a low ash content and so cleans out easily. It has a higher iodine level for the best purification. This same carbon is used in commercial distilleries for filtering alcohol and moonshine. Activated Carbon filtration works through Absorption and Adsorption. Alcohol is a small molecule and the Activated Carbon only pulls out the larger molecules.

DIRECTIONS: Add to wash just prior to pitching yeast. You may rinse or boil it first, but at least saturate it with hot water.  Pour out the extra water.  Add to fermenter and stir well for 60 seconds or until all carbon has been wetted and evenly distributed. Please note: this product should always be used in conjunction with FermFast DualFine Finings to remove the carbon prior to distillation. If you need to use Activated Carbon on finished alcohol to polish it, be aware that it will also tend to strip flavor, so use before adding Still Spirits Top Shelf alcohol flavorings or other flavorings. The filtration will work better if the distillate is already partially cut to desired proof with water. If you pack a filter with this, first run a gallon of water through the filter to flush out fine powder solubles.  When filtration is complete you may run a another quart of water through it to salvage remaining alcohol for addition to your next run.   Dry Activated Carbon may be cleaned and reused: Bring to boil, drain, and bake dry at 160f. The recycled carbon will have up to 90% efficiency of the original. 

FREE EBOOK:  Gerts “Activated Carbon for Purification of Alcohol – And some useful distillation tips”.  HERE


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