Dried SWEET ORANGE PEEL Brewers Best 1LB for Belgian witbiers


Not just any orange peel, this is the imported Aurantium dulcis pericarpium. While a cousin to the Florida orange, this sweet variety will not give your beer a metallic taste like the domestic version. If you’re familiar with the taste of Cointreau or Grand Marnier, then you will be thrilled with the flavor that sweet orange peel can add to your Belgian style strong ales & special holiday brews. Enhances aroma and pairs well with holiday spices cardmon, clove, and cinnamon.  Grind may vary from fine to small chunks.  Resealable 1 pound bag.

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Sourced from sweet orange varieties, Sweet Orange Peel adds a mild citrus aroma and flavor much like Grand Mariner or Cointreau to your beer. This is the traditional ingredient used to add orange character to Belgian witbiers and so is the best choice for clone recipes. Imparts a slightly different flavor than Bitter Orange Peel, which is sourced from Curaçao orange varieties.  Sweet orange peel is a great way to give your Witbier style brews a traditional citrus infusion!

Use sweet orange peel for intense orange flavor and use bitter orange peel for a pleasant citrusy character.

USAGE:  Generally 1 ounce per 5 gallons 15 minutes before flameout.  You may also steep in hot water for 10 minutes and add this ‘tea’ to the secondary fermentation.  If it too tart let it age bottle age a bit.

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