Dingemans SPECIAL B® Belgian Malt 1lb Uncrushed Belgian Caramel 2-Row MDIN1012


Unique aroma and flavor plus dark color for Belgian Abbey and Trappist-style beers, Stouts,  Belgian Quadrupel and Flemish Old Brown.  Through its unique double drying process, Dingemans Special B® has a distinctive aroma and flavor. Special B is responsible for the intense caramel taste and raisin-like flavor of some Belgian Abbey beers. It can be used in place of chocolate and black malt when deep color without bitterness is not desired.  1lb unmilled pack.  Also available by special order in 10LB and 55lb sacks.

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  • Malt Style: Caramel, features raisins, figs and toffee
  • A unique malt with distinctive aroma and flavor
  • Color: Deep golden to brown hues
  • Lovibond 113-135L
  • Found in:  Double Belgian Abbey and Trappist beers, Stout, Dark ales, Belgian Quadrupel
  • Usage:  Up to 15% of grain bill

MOUTERIJ DINGEMANS:  Since 1875, the Dingemans family has been producing an extensive range of basic ingredients for the demanding Belgian and European brewer.  You have probably already tasted some of the great Belgian beers made from Dingeman’s specialty malts. As a supplier to most Belgian brewers, Dingemans is proud of their customers and the great beers they produce. Dingeman’s malts are used in internationally renowned Trappist, Ale, Lambic, white- and abbey beers.

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