CHITOSAN WINE FINING 5oz Liquid Clarifier 75ml Bladder for Clearing BEER / WINE / SHINE FAST


This product will give your wine a high polish and crystal clarity.  This is just the trick to clearing your beverage in a very short time!  Chitosan is a Positively Charged fining that will magnetically attach to negatively charged particles and sink them to the bottom of your fermenter.  Works with beer, wine and shine containing negatively charged particles which cloud your wine. Drops them straight to the bottom and then you can siphon the clear liquid off leaving the clouds behind.  This is a fairly high dose which will clear up to 10 gallons.

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CHITOSAN (Positive charge)  As the name implies, Chitosan is composed of chitin which is the structural element of the exoskeletons of crustaceans, such as crabs, shrimp and other shell fish. Chitosan is especially popular in clearing white wines, since it does not require the aid of tannins to clear.  Chitosan has a reputation for being fairly gentle on the character of finished wine.  Chitosan has some interesting effects on the growth of bean sprouts in zero gravity and is being developed for use as a sealer that heals scratches when exposed to sunlight.  Perhaps someday entire spacecraft will be be chitinous!

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