CAIRO BARBEQUE SAUCE (Single 20 Oz) BBQ WET SAUCE CAROLINA STYLE ($60 a Case) Price: $5.00 (as of 11/11/2018 06:55 PST- Details)

Spicy apple cider vinegar based Barbeque sauce.  An Original world famous BAR-B-Q recipe from Cairo, Illinois.  American owned and made. This is the original “Mack’s BBQ” Secret Sauce, Got it from Charlie Simmons when he had the shack by the Big Muddy Levee in Murphy.  Not so much what in it secret is how its done…

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This wonderful sauce is apple cider vinegar-based and made with only the finest ingredients. It is especially delicious on pork shoulder, pork butt, fresh ham, pork steaks, chops, ribs, chicken, turkey, and wild game. Some people baste with it by applying it the last ten minutes of grill time, while others use it as a marinade and as an injector sauce. While it is designed to put on any meats that come off the grill or out of the oven, it’s vinegar base makes it an outstanding all-purpose sauce that can be used in a variety of ways and on a wide variety of foods.

  • Spicy apple cider vinegar based sauce
  • Orginal world famous recipe
  • American owned and made
  • Outstanding all-purpose sauce
  • uperior on sliced pork shoulder

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