BrewJacket IMMERSION PRO Cooling Set with Insulated Jacket for 5-7 Gallon Fermenters FREE SHIPPING


The Brew Jacket Immersion Pro uses Industry leading technology to heat or cool your fermenting beer, wine, or mead by 35°F (15°C) above or below your ambient temperature. This patented technology can maintain the set temperature to 0.3° F. It’s easy to use, with minimal installation on almost any existing primary or secondary fermenter.  No need for costly fridges, pumps, ice water, or glycol. The Immersion Pro uses an innovative solid state heat exchanger to directly maintain the set temperature in your wort. 


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One of the best things a brewer can do to improve his beer is manage fermentation temperature. With the Immersion Pro you just set the temp and ferment!  This is an electrically operated Solid State Heat Exchanger that allows you to Lager without a Freezer or Glycol.  Achieves up to 35º above or below ambient and hold that temp to 0.3º F with Immersion Pro’s patented solid state heat exchange system. No pumps, no glycol, no coolers of ice water.  Immersion Pro for Carboys and Buckets can heat or cool your fermenting beer, wine, or mead by 35°F (15°C) above or below the ambient temperature in your home brewery and maintain that set temperature to 0.3° F, a level of control only found in commercial breweries, wineries, and meaderies.

Immersion Pro’s patented solid state heat exchange system creates a heat vacuum using 90w of electricity, allowing it to remove heat from your fermenter. The heat flow is reversible, allowing Immersion Pro to also add heat to your fermenter. The controller decides when to activate the heat exchanger based on your set temperature and the temperature it reads inside your fermenter.  Works with any fermenter having a drilled hole for a #10 Bung.  Jacket will fit most fermenters 5-7 gallons.  It can be broken down for compact storage when not in use so is great for space crunched users and small areas where other temp control solutions will not fit.


  • Several online instructional videos
  • Immersion Pro head unit
  • Heat transfer rod
  • Black insulated jacket that fits 5-7 gallon carboys and buckets
  • Power supply (100v-240v, 50/60hz)
  • Temperature probe
  • #10 Stopper, drilled for the Immersion Rod
  • Blowoff Kit: (3′ of 3/8″ ID tubing, 3/8″ 90º connector, one-way air release valve, 3/8″ ID sleeved grommet).

If you’ve been saving up for a glycol system, you might already be able to afford to lager at home without glycol.  This device will enabled you to control temperatures accurately and prevent fermentation temperatures from hitting zones that produce off flavors in the warmer months. Pick any style of beer to brew at any time of the year.

Tech Specs:
 DimensionsHead Unit: 5.5″ x 5.5″ x 5.5″
Rod: 1.5″ diameter x 18″ longJacket: 15″ internal diameter x 22″ high

WeightHead Unit: 2.5lbsRod: 3.2lbsJacket: 4.5lbs

Power ConsumptionIdle: 8wCooling: 95w

Performance*0-10º +/- Ambient1º/hr10-20º +/- Ambient0.5º/hr20-35º +/-Ambient0.25º/hr

*Performance varies with fermenter

DOES NOT WORK WITH GLASS CARBOYS (Because it Requires hole to fit a #10 Stopper). 

It is known to work with the following fermenters:

PET Carboy (3-6 Gallon)
Brew Buckets 5G, 6G, 6.5G, 30L
Fermonster PET Carboy 6G, 7G
Speidel 20L, 30L
SS BrewTech Brew Buckets 3.5G, 7G
Glass Big Mouth Bubblers 5G, 6.5G
Plastic Big Mouth Bubblers 5G, 6.5G
Chapman UniVessel 7G
Genesis 6.5G
SS BrewTech Chronical
Blichmann Fermenator 7G
MoreBeer! Conical Fermenter 7.5G
Fast Ferment Conical 7.9G
Fermentasaurus (non-pressurized)

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in


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