Brewer’s Edge SPARGE WATER HEATER – Thermometer controlled 5 gallon Hot Water Urn


The timesaving Sparge Water Heater is a temperature controlled urn that allows you to heat up to 18.2 Liters (4.8 US Gal) of water. Just put the water in there and turn it on.  The red light will come on when the unit starts to heat and the green light will come on when your sparge water has been heated to precisely 168° F.  This makes the brewing process faster and easier, allowing you to start heating your sparge water when you begin the mash to ensure it is ready for when you need to sparge. Once water is at 168° , it will run for hours and hold that temperature until turned off.  A perfect companion to the Mash & Boil, Grainfather, or Robobrew.

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  • Quality double wall construction for more efficiency
  • 4.25 gallons Maximum fill
  • Digitally controlled preset temperature of 168° F (plus or minus 2°)
  • All 304 stainless construction.  22″ tall, 12″ wide.
  • 1500 w Element, 110-120V ~ 60HZ
  • Simplicity – No adjustments, just plug it in and wait for the green light
  • Choose from 750 or 1500 watts depending on your circuit capacity (45min at the 1500 watt setting,  1 hr. 15 min at 750watts)
  • Fill with hot tap water to cut the heat-up time considerably.
  • Much easier to use and clean up than mash tun.  Mash in your electric kettle!
  • High flow valve will dispense 2 quarts in 20 seconds and can be locked into an open position

The unit does not have gallon markers, but 1 gallon is 2.75″ from the bottom as measured with a tape measure, 2 gallons is 5.5″ from the bottom, 3 gallons is 8.25″ from the bottom, 4 gallons is 11″ from the bottom, and the MAX fill line is set at 4.25 gallons.


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Weight 389 oz
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in















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