4 Pack S-04 DRY ENGLISH ALE YEAST Fermentis Safale S04 Whitbread


Here’s a lot of 4 packs fresh dated ready-to-pitch S-04 Dry English Ale yeast for the production of a wide range of ales, especially cask conditioned ales and beers.  This is the traditional Whitbread yeast, a fast and powerful fermenter with a compact sediment that contributes to high yields. Works equally well in English IPA or porter, with a mild estery character.  Standard 11.5 gram foil pouch.

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Safale US-04 from Fermentis is the best yeast for a wide variety of English ales.  You can re-hydrate but it works very well simply sprinkled over the surface of the wort for a few minutes to reconstitute with plenty 02 and then stirred in. Very dependable dry yeast that you can use for practically any English-style beer.  One packet is sufficient for 5-6 gallons. Dependable, difficult to screw up but does ferment aggressively.  You’ll see what I mean!

Safale S-04 forms a very compact sediment at the end of the fermentation, helping to improve beer clarity and increase yields.  This yeast is the BEAST, a VERY strong fermenter – Make sure you have plenty of head space in your fermenter and that your blowoff tube is ready!

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