BEER KIT BSG K66 BOHEMIAN PILSNER HomeBrew Ingredient Kit – Charlie’s Favorite!


Straw-gold with subtle malt presence and smooth hop bitterness. This pilsner gives a nod to its German and Czech ancestors with a gentle touch of Northern Brewer and Saaz hops.  This Bohemian style light beer would fit well in any German beer hall.  This pilsen is light bodied, clean, and flavorful.  Lightly hopped to keep the bitterness low.  Low alcohol ABV of 4-4.5 means it is A-ok to have another!


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If possible, it’s best to ferment this beer at lager temperatures.  If you are not set up for that make in basement or somewhere cool. 

Includes (subject to change):

  • 3.3 lb of Pilsen Light Liquid Malt Extract
  • 2 lb of Pilsen Light Dry Malt Extract
  • 4 oz of Czech Saaz Hop Pellets for Aroma and bittering
  • 11.5 g of Fermentis 34/70 Lager Yeast
  • 5 oz of Priming Sugar
  • 55 Bottle Caps
  • Directions

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Weight 128 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in






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