Anvil OXYGEN FREE TRANSFER KIT Fermenter to Ball Lock Cornelius Keg


This clean and extremely easy-to-use design allows you to keg your beer without exposing it to oxygen! Avoid exposing your beer to contaminants and off-flavors by transferring the beer straight to the keg. Fermenter pressurization is not needed. Fermenter needs to be at least 7″ above the crown of the keg.

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The Oxygen Free Transfer Kit comes with:

  • 4′ Liquid Hose
  • 5′ Gas Hose
  • 1/4″ Liquid Ball Lock Disconnect
  • 90° Polypropylene Elbow
  • 1/4″ Gas Ball Lock Disconnect

Operation:  Clean and sanitize everything including the keg and the fermenter outflow barb. Purge the keg with CO2 and depressurize. Attach the grey ball lock to the gas post (Figure 2). Remove the air-lock from the fermentor and insert the elbow into the stopper (Figure 1). Connect the black ball lock to the liquid post of the keg (Figure 3). Attach the fitting to the drain valve on the fermentor (Figure 4). Open the valve on the fermentor and let the beer flow into the keg. While the beer is flowing into the keg, you may need to rotate the racking arm to bring it closer to the trub. When the beer becomes slightly cloudy, stop rotating the racking arm and let the beer continue to flow. Continue to fill the keg until it is full. Shut the valve off and repeat these steps as required.

At Anvil Brewing Equipment, we’ve forged a suite of durable, reliable, and high quality products specifically for homebrewing. The entire suite of products works in unison to provide a perfect brewing experience from day one. Our team of experienced Product Development Engineers are avid homebrewers and have poured their experience and passion into every product!

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