500g BRICK ICV-D-47 D47 DRY WINE YEAST Côtes du Rhône for White and Blush Wines 500 Gram Cake from Lalvin


Here’s a500 gram brick Lalvin ICV-D47, an excellent choice for dry whites, blush wines, mead, and residual sugar wines.  A top choice for many white wines and particularly famous for making Chardonnays with huge mouth feel. Expect tropical and citrus flavors/aromas. Fantastic yeast for lees aging.   Ideal for the production of full-bodied, barrel fermented Chardonnay and other white varietals.  Wines fermented with D47 are said to have a silky presence.  When left on lees, ripe, spicy aromas with tropical and citrus notes are developed.  Lalvin yeasts are probably the best in the world.  They are definitely the most popular yeast in the world.



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The sensory profile of wines made with Lalvin ICV D47 Cotes du Rhone demonstrate an enhanced aroma and flavor. This can be partially attributed to high ?-glucosidase activity. It tends to allow the expression of good levels of terpenes, including citronellol, nerol and geraniol. Due to the release of polysaccharides into the must during fermentation , this yeast contributes to a round, soft palate with good weight. This process can also result in the stability of aromatic compounds. Highly recommended for the production of premium, barrel fermented Chardonnay. When left on lees spicy, tropical, citrus notes develop and the wine is said to have a silky persistence.

  • 500 gram brick of cake yeast
  • For Complex Whites with Citrus and Floral Notes
  • An excellent choice for dry whites, blush & residual sugar wines.
  • Average alcohol tolerance up to 14%
  • SO2 production: very low final level at the end of fermentation
  • ICV-D47 is a high polysaccharide producer known to accentuate fruit characteristics and bring volume and complexity to white wines.

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