1 YARD CHEESECLOTH Grade 100 Unbleached Mediterranean Cotton Muslin Extra-Fine Weave


Here’s one square yard 36×36 of extra fine grade 100 unbleached chemical-free Mediterranean cotton muslin cheesecloth.  Finer than the cheesecloth we usually work with.  Excellent for lining a funnel for beer and wine or making sachets, nut milk, and cheeses.  It can also be used for straining milk, tea, jelly, broth, juicing, bean sprouting, spices, soap making, basting poultry, canning, winemaking, cheese, yogurt, kombucha, tofu, and crafts.  Works well as a steam cloth in cooking food.  Graded 100 is very fine and we think the thread count is about 46×54 threads per inch.  It is very high quality and dense, with tight regular lines as opposed to Grade 90 which has somewhat irregular lines. Has a nice cream finish which will look good on top of jelly jars and other food gifts.  Can be rinsed, boiled, and reused.

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Cheesecloth Grade100 Specifications

  • The Grade of a Cheesecloth is the number of treads per inch square,
  • Generally you will see Grade 90 product in the market,
  • Grade 100 has a total of 100 (46×54) yarns per square inch
  • Made from very thin (40/1) new Mediterranean yarns for our product.
  • This cheesecloth is unbleached, chemical & lint free


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