WOODEN BARREL BUNG 1 27/32″ x 1 3/4 FE492


Here’s a 1 27/32″  (about 1/8″ short of 1/2″) wooden barrel bung that fits most standard whiskey and wine barrels 30 gallons and up. This is the replacement bung for the maintenance of your cherished wooden aging barrel. The shaft tapers from 43 mm (1-3/4″) at the small end, up to 47 mm (1-27/32″) wide.  These bungs are made from face grain Poplar and this seems to be the most popular wood for barrel bungs.  Our unique handmade natural barrel plugs are a stopper that fits almost any wine barrels bung hole. The wood stopper can be easily tapped in & offers a nice finish to your wine barrel or any other hole you need plugged or covered. The poplar or pine barrel bung plugs are nearly 1″ high by 1 3/4″ wide (at the narrow end) and the sides smoothly taper to almost 2″ wide.  No two handmade bungs are exactly alike, but they are very similar to the photos.

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  • Traditional poplar wood barrel bung.
  • Fits most standard Whiskey and Wine barrels thirty gallons and up.
  • Grown and made in USA.

What is a Bung? A bung is the stopper used to seal a barrel. They are generally made of popular lumber but can be of other wood species as well. The bung hole is usually located on the side of the barrel in one of the staves called the bung stave. Used barrels may have a second bung hole drilled in to the head of the barrel making it easier for a distiller to periodically taste their distillate.

Why Do I Need Replacement Bungs? As spirits age, a distiller or blender will taste a distillate in the barrel many times as it matures. When you ask a distiller how long before their whiskey will be ready they often provide a range of years. The length of time depends on many factors such as the location in the warehouse, the floor in the warehouse, the exposure to light, heat, humidity, extreme winters or extreme summers, etc. Some bungs may pop out with a pounding with a mallet on the the stave around the bung while others may require a Bung Puller. Some bungs will be reusable while other will have to be replaced each time the spirits are tested. With the bung removed, you are now ready to drop in your whiskey thief and taste the fruits or grains of your labor.

What is a Spile: A spile is a small wooden conical or square peg used to close holes or cracks in a barrel. Rather than removing the bung, distillers will often drill a sampling hole in a stave or the head of a barrel to draw off a sample. Once the sample is removed, the distiller will quickly plug the hole with a spile.

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