WINE EQUIPMENT KIT Vintners Harvest Wine Making Starter Kit


A complete set of Premium Quality Winemakers tools and equipment.  Making your own wine is easy if you have all the equipment.  This kit has all the basic winemaking equipment you will need to start making wine at your home today in an attractive gift box.  It is compatible with any wine ingredient kit, and has everything you need to get started except fruit ingredients and bottles.  The kit contents are below:

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8 gallon Fermenting bucket with lid and airlock
Plastic Siphon Assemply with 4′ of tubing for transferring the wine
6 gallon PET carboy
Bottle filler
Self-Adhesive LCD Thermometer, 36 to 78 oF
Cleaner (2 oz Alkaline Wash) & Sanitizer (4oz Star San)
Airlock and rubber bung for the carboy
30 synthetic Corks
Twin lever corker

THERE IS a good alternative to this kit.  IF you have the time, come in to the shop at 514 E Main in Carbondale IL and we can take you through the process step by step and show you all the custom equipment alternatives.  The cost can be about the same depending on what you decide.  You will get equipment that might fit you better, as opposed to the ‘one size fits all’ approach in the fancy box. 

If cost is an issue, we will show you the parts and pieces you can skip, scrounge, skimp on, and the stuff you really need. 


Additional information

Weight 240 oz
Dimensions 24 × 15 × 15 in


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