Here’s a lot of 25 brand new high quality “NOMACORC SELECT 900″ synthetic wine corks for home wine making.  These corks are very easy to use and protect your wine better than any other natural or engineered closure.   They are the FULL SIZED standard long cork 1-3/4”, 44mm x 22mm (Legacy size #9) in a natural wood grain finish, one step up from the Noma Standard cork usually seen here.  These “Select” corks are intended for wines that will be kept over 2 years.

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This is enough corks to bottle 5 gallons of wine into 750ml bottles.  I use these myself and they are great.  Also available in larger lots, see my other items.

  • Premium Design: enhanced look and feel to delight winemaker and consumer
  • Control: consistent and predictable oxygen permeation
  • Sensory Neutral: no off-flavors due to oxidation, reduction, or cork taint
  • Performance: smooth extractions, reinsertion, and trouble-free bottling with no crumbling or broken corks
  • Proven performance: over 150+ wines closed with Nomacorcs have scored 90 points or higher in Wine Spectator, and even a few 100 point wines

NOMACORC corks are a high quality closure that form such an outstanding seal wine bottles can now be stored in an upright position.  Synthetic corks eliminate the source of the bacterial infection TCA (2,4,6-trichloroanisole) which causes ‘off’ or mouse stink odors in wine. The leakage, cork crumbs, and evaporation you get from tree-bark corks are also eliminated.  You will love these corks.

These corks are harder than most other synthetic corks and closely emulate the closure characteristics of natural cork.  More and more commercial wineries and home winemakers are selecting synthetic corks because of their dependability, ease of use, and obvious advantages. 

The Nomacorc Select Series is a collection of high-performance co-extruded wine closures designed to meet the needs of discriminating winemakers and the unique wines they create. The Select Series is backed by the Nomacorc Winemaker Promise, a commitment of consistent oxygen control performance, quality assurance, and closures free of TCA cork taint. Nomacorc Select Series corks boast oxygen control consistency superior to all other wine closures.  Color and texture are consistent with traditional high quality natural cork. 

You don’t heat or boil these corks.  Simply float them in or spray them with metabisulfite sanitizing solution and start your normal bottling process.  Gives a perfect seal every time.

These are extremely dense and long man-made corks.  They work very well with the double handle, floor model and bench corkers.   We do not recommend using these corks with plastic hand-held corkers which may break when trying to insert these corks.  These corks are chamfered (beveled) on both ends for speedy and easy insertion.

NOMACORC utilizes a patented co-extrusion process that consists of two stages, the foamed core and the outer skin. The foamed core provides uniform cell size and density allowing for consistent and predictable oxygen permeation. The elastic outer skin ensures that no leakage occurs during bottling or storage. This flexible skin also provides support and protection during the bottling process. For the consumer, the Nomacorc skin replicates the look and feel of natural cork..

All NOMACORKS are 100% recyclable with other LDPE food packaging, and they make a nice “POP!” when you pull them from the bottle!

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