WINE BOTTLES 375 ml “Splits” Cobalt Blue Stretch Hock Bottles Full Case of 24


Here’s a full case of 24 BRAND NEW heavy weight 375ml Stretch Hock wine bottles in a beautiful Cobalt Blue. These are 375ml “Splits” or half bottles.  Stretch Hock Bottles are very cool and perfect for ice wines, fruit wines, or when you only need a smaller amount of wine, mead, olive oil, etc.  24 bottles per case, 10 bottles will do one gallon so you will need 2 cases for a 5-6 gallon batch. These bottles really shine and everyone will reach for them first!  

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These exceptional quality bottles will add a classic and professional finishing touch to your home bottling project. These are first quality 375ml Cobalt Blue stretch hock style bottles with slight to no punt just like the ones from the best wineries! Your wine will look great displayed in identical bottles. 

Your bottling project will go much quicker with new bottles.  All you do is rinse and sterilize. The neck sizes will be consistent so corking will go smoothly.  Think how nice it would be to speed bottle a few batches and get all caught up.  You are going to need those secondaries emptied out very soon…

  • Elegant bottle for wine, cider and more.
  • 375ml bottles allow for consumption of just half a bottle with no waste.
  • Uses Standard Corks.
  • Full case of 12 Bottles.
  • Color:  Cobalt Blue – Perfect for Sweeter wines like Ice Wines, Hocks and Sauternes.

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Weight 388 oz
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 10 in


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