Vintage Shop SOLID STAINLESS MIX-STIR Agitating Degassing Mixer Rod (Electric Drill Operated) Degasser


The STAINLESS MIX-STIR is a 22″ food grade plastic Wine Agitating Rod mixer. Similar to the W.A.R. and Express Degasser, it is a handy and versatile tool.  Makes purging fermentation gasses especially CO2 from your wort super easy.  Attach to any standard 3/8″ chuck cordless drill (Not Included, variable speed reversing suggested) and run for a vew 10-15 second bursts to degas any fluid. Repeat as necessary.  The blades act like a turbine for maximum mixing and stirring efficiency.  Most of the gasses will make a fast escape. This leads to more effective clearing and faster aging, and better still wines.  Made specifically for home brewing 5-8 gallon batches, this paddle is also Perfect for mixing, and stirring most food products.   Also available in ABS plastic model.

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  • Manufactured in high quality SOLID STAINLESS STEEL with ABS blades
  • Plastic blades make it safer to use with glass or PET carboys.
  • Suitable for beer, wine, and food production.
  • You can use it to aerate your worth prior to adding yeast.
  • It eliminates the need to pick up a full 5 gallon Carboy and Shake or to hand stir it to drive off Co2 and oxygenate your wort.
  • Saves your arm from stirring.
  • Can be used in 5, 6 and 6.5 gallon carboys or fermenting buckets and carboys.
  • Will fit inside the mouth of most carboys.
  • You can use it to aerate your wort prior to adding yeast.


  1.  Rack the wine/liquid into a carboy or bucket, leaving any sediment behind.
  2.  Clean and sanitize the Mix-Stir degassing rod before attaching it to the drill.
  3.  Add food grade lubricant on the inside of the bung if desired to avoid too much friction and wear.
  4.  Attach the degassing rod to the drill and chuck it up securely.
  5.  Gently insert the degassing tool into the carboy or bucket and begin by rotating clockwise on the lowest speed setting.
  6.  Start by pulsing/throttling the drill and seeing how the mixture reacts. If too much froth is formed from the agitation then it could overflow the container. If froth begins to form, agitate more gently and in sequences of 10-15 seconds.
  7.  Increase the speed as necessary being attentive to how the liquid reacts.
  8.  Stir the wine with the degassing rod for about 5-30 minutes.
  9.  Seal the carboy with the airlock and let it sit for 1-3 hours. If you are using a bucket then covering with a cloth works fine.
  10.  Return and repeat the same process.
  11.  Seal the carboy again with the airlock and let it sit.
  12.  Repeat 2-3 times as necessary

USE AND CARE:  Sanitize and dry before putting away.  Sanitize before use.  Gritty or hard water can stain the product.  Strong cleansers may be used. Iodine based sanitizers may stain.


The Vintage Shop has been a pioneer in the manufacturing of products for the home wine and beer industry since 1969. Due in equal parts to our professional staff and state-of-the-art equipment we have been able to create the highest quality beer and winemaking equipment available on the market today. We want nothing more than to provide serious wine and beer makers the opportunity to produce a custom product of exceptional quality.

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