FOUND A PROBLEM WITH THIS DEVICE:  It is very short, made to sit under the Air Still.  That means that a standard proof can only go up to 110 proof in measurement.  Air still comes off at 140.  We offer a special proof hydro that works well with it up to 140.  See “AIR STILL HYDROMETER”.

This Still Spirits distillers parrot is a piece of equipment that allows you to use a proof hydrometer to take continuous alcohol gravity measurements throughout your pot or reflux still run. It works by redirecting the flow of distillate up and past the instrument.  It should be placed inline of your distillation outlet so that the drops of distillate fall directly into the tallest collection cone.  Only place in-line AFTER you collect your foreshots.  We found this a very good product, well thought out, well made, and easy to use.  The best parrot arrangement design to make reading the proof uncomplicated.  The distillate drips into the collection cone cup and flows up and out around your hydrometer where it will be simple to read at a glance. The scale floats up right before your eyes making it easy to separate heads, hearts, and tails as your run progresses! The assembled height is 7.7″ (195mm), Inner diameter is 9/10″ (23mm).  Hydrometer is not included.  Also available in the large size.<br><br>

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By redirecting the fresh distillate to flow around the alcoholometer, you can instantly get an accurate reading of the abv of your output without having to fill a test beaker. These parrots have a collection cup on the tail end so that you do not need any fancy tubing or piping to redirect the output. The base is ~3 inches around and the body is ~12″ tall.  Base is a solid sheet of copper.  The welds are all hand done the product is a work of art.<br><br>

INSTRUCTIONS:  Put in place AFTER you collect your foreshots.  Position a collector jar in place below the outflow.  Once the parrot starts to get some liquid in it and gently lower your hydrometer into center of the parrot.   Be careful not to drop it in, especially without any liquid/distillate in there as the glass instruments are fragile.

  • Proofing parrot allows for continuous real time alcohol readings from pot or reflux stills without interruption
  • Places the scale on the instrument right before your eyes at an easy to read point
  • Well thought out design and durable copper construction from our friends at Still Spirits
  • Used with standard proof and tralle hydrometer (not Included) up to 110 proof, or special short hydrometer no thicker than 23mm diameter
  • Total Assembled Height is 7.7″, works well with the Air Still, Air Still Pro, and other small counter top stills (not included)



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