Universal 3/8″ HOLE PLUG KIT fits Anvil Blichmann Brewmometer and others


This is a Blichmann weldless fitting kit developed for plugging the existing 3/8″ thermometer hole on your brew kettle.  With this kit you can plug your existing hole and have another hole at a different height for smaller batch sizes.  The o-ring and bolt go outside and the washer and nut go inside the kettle.




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  • Threaded 3/8″ bolt, o-ring, washer, and nut
  • Used to plug a 3/8″ hole in kettle or canoe
  • High quality silicone o-ring and 304 Stainless steel cast and then machined
  • Suitable for home brewing.  Not for extremely high heat or pressures.
  • Can be used on fermenters, sparge water heaters, mash tuns, barrels, and brew kettles

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 1 in









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