Thermal Reset Switch for T500/Grainfather Boiler KSD-301-CR 125C Breaker


This is a replacement thermal cut off switch for the Grainfather OR T500 Boiler. Also included is the plastic push stick for the switch.  This is the most common point of failure for most electric boilers.  When the switch is blown your unit won’t heat.  The switch is made to sense temperature and cut off power at around 130C (266f) when the boiler is almost empty.

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From Brewnosers:  Grainfather stopped working, and we figured out that it was a problem with the thermal switch (which is there to prevent you from running it without any liquid).  So we took out the switch and connected the wires with electrical tape, which solved the problem for a few brews – but then it stopped working again…  (Not recommended, get the switch!)

From Homebrewtalk:  The pusher can melt also, causing it not to reset when you push it.  When reset button trips it is not so easy lifting it up to reset.  I cut a hole in bottom of table which makes it much easier to reset.

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