TART CHERRY Fruit Puree from Oregon Fruit Products (formerly Vintner’s Harvest) For Beer Winemaking and Mocktails


Enjoy the taste of summer any time!  VH Purees are pure fruit with clean, strong aromatics and no added ingredients.  Instant Kriek!  Here’s a fresh dated tin of Vintner’s Harvest Tart Cherry puree to add character to your favorite homemade beverages and desserts.  Tart Cherry Puree is made from ripened, washed and sorted Red Tart Cherries. The product is aseptic and may be added directly to the secondary fermenter.  Contains no preservatives and no additives.  Grown and packaged in the Pacific Northwest.

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This 49 oz. can of Oregon fruit puree is prepared from Cherries grown in Oregon’s fertile Willamette Valley. Commercially sterilized and containing no preservatives, you can add this puree directly to your primary or secondary fermenter to flavor beer, mead, or wines. Currently very popular in sours.  As the puree contains no seeds, add 10-15% less puree as you would fruit. One 49 oz. can will make 1 gallon of fruit wine. :Color: Purple – red Brix: 10-18, pH: 3.20 – 3.80, SG:  1040 – 1075, Color:  Brownish Red typical of cooked red tart cherries.

These purees contain no seeds or stems, which means they are easier to use with up to 10% more product per tin.  The purees have been commercially sterilized so that they can be used right from the can. You simply sanitize the can top and can opener, open the can, and add the puree to the primary or secondary fermenter!  The fruit inside the can has been aseptically packaged so that the cells are open and the flavor and aroma are maintained and there is no need to boil them, which would destroy the flavor and aroma.  49 Ounce tins (1.5 Quart, 1.4L).  Perfect for Cocktails and Mocktails!

Vintner’s Harvest Purees offer premium quality fruit with the year-round variety every chef, brewer, or winemaker needs.  There are no finer products on the market for crafting your own fruit beer, wine, or melomel.  One 49oz tin of our puree is perfect for adding to a 5 gallon batch of fruit beer or will make 2.5 gallons of 12% wine with 1.5lbs of sugar.

  • Country of origin – United States
  • Manufacturer name – Oregon Fruit Products
  • Feature: 3Lb 1Oz pure Oregon cherries
  • Makes an excellent wheat beer
  • Usually added directly to the secondary

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