SULFUR STICK (Bâton de Soufre) 45 Gram Strip for Burning in Wooden Barrels Vats Fermenters or empty Beehives


Burnable sulfur sticks are necessary for smoking out your wooden barrels to keep them sweet and preserve them.  Smolders like incense creating profuse fumes.  Strips make it easy to burn the correct amount of sulfur in your barrel before it is put in storage using this easy-to-use 45 gram strip.  Break or cut the strip into smaller parts for use in smaller barrels. Used in conjunction with our sulfur burner.  Sulfur combined with cellulose pressed into a cake and dried.  Also used in beekeeping for  disinfecting empty beehives and frames.  Pack of 1 strip.

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  • One 8″ 45g SULFUR STRIP for burning in barrels vats fermenters or empty beehives.
  • For professional oenological use sulfiting barrels, vats, fermenters, or empty beehives and frames.
  • Place a piece of sulfur strip in the basket area of a small container or burner (not included), light, and lower into the barrel.
  • Burns like incense.  Made from natural yellow sulfur in a cellulose carrier pressed into a cake and dried.
  • Measured 8″ size allows for correct dose in the barrel:  10 gallon use 1/2″ of stick, 15 gal 3/4″, 30 gal 1″ of stick.

NOTE:  Do not inhale hydrogen sulfide fumes.  Ventilate area thoroughly after use.  Sulfur causes skin irritation.  Wash hands thoroughly after handling, wear protective gloves, clothing, eye and face protection.

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