STARTER KIT Hobby Homebrew Basic 5 Gallon Double Bucket Beer Equipment Kit with accessories


Developed to meet popular demand, our 5 gallon Homebrewing Starter Kit gets you started in homebrewing at a very affordable price. It is also the simplest system to use. Anyone can follow the step-by-step directions and produce great beer  with the first batch!  Besides this kit, all you need at first are your ingredients, a kettle to boil in, and bottles with bottle caps.

This upgradeable system is designed around two food-grade plastic buckets.  After performing the Brew Day boil process in your beer kit, the first bucket is used to ferment the beer for 1-2 weeks. It’s then transferred by the siphon pump into the second bucket at bottling time, primed, and bottled.  Cap them with the included capper and put in a dark place.  Give them a week or two to carbonate and enjoy!  You can add to this basic brewing system as you go along.  The quality components we include from the top two homebrew distributors will be useful even as your skill and brewing needs increase.

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The whole list of equipment includes:

  • (2) LD Carlson Ale Pail plastic buckets, one undrilled for fermentation and one drilled for bottling
  • One bucket lid, one grommet, and an airlock
  • 24 inch spoon
  • Automatic easy siphon pump transfer device
  • 5′ Vinyl tubing for transfers & bottling
  • Bottle filling wand
  • Black Beauty wing type bottle capper
  • Bottle brush
  • Triple scale hydrometer in hard case
  • Adhesive liquid crystal fermentation thermometer
  • Handcraft Brewing Guide

You will need an ingredient kit, a kettle to boil in, and bottles with caps.  See our other items.

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Weight 161 oz
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in


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