STAND ONLY BrewBuilt™ Table Top Electric Brewing Controller Stand – Stainless Steel for the HLT Hot Liquor Tank and BVC Boil Vigor Controllers


The STAND for the BrewBuilt HLT Controller and Boil Vigor Controller.  These controllers just  include a bracket for convenient wall mounting, but if you don’t have the necessary wall space, or you want to be able to store the control box when not in use, this stand is a convenient option. Custom welded from brushed stainless steel. The perfect height to set on a counter or benchtop.  Stand only. Control box not included.

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  • Solid 304 stainless steel construction
  • Mirror polish finish
  • Welded joints
  • Height: 16″ Width: 8″ Depth: 8″
  • Stand only. Control box not included.

All BrewBuilt products are available from Hobby Homebrew.  We only list a small sampling.

ABOUT BREWBUILT:  We are obsessed with one thing – building incredible homebrewing equipment. From touch panel digital controllers on our BrewSculpture brew systems, innovative X1 Conicals, flexible Coolsticks and the best value Icemaster glycol chillers on the market… we are bringing it!

We have our own USA metal shop and brew lab where we design, weld, modify, experiment and generally have fun. We weld our BrewSculpture frames, Afterburners, Coolstix, and more as well as doing all assembly and electrical work in house. That’s a lot of labor and parts coming from the USA. We import our raw kettles and conical cones from trusted oversea partners.

BrewBuilt was born out of MoreBeer! and spun off as a separate division to solely focus on bad ass homebrewing equipment. We’ve been designing and making equipment since 1995. We are the same guys who made the first professional 3 vessel home brewing systems in the late 1990’s and coined them Brewsculptures. We were also the first to design and introduce stainless steel conical fermenters to homebrewing. BrewBuilt is carrying on that tradition, yet supercharging it with dedicated engineers, product designers, and customer service specialists. While other equipment brands spend a lot their energy on pro equipment, all we do is homebrew!

BrewBuilt™ is part of the MoreFlavor!® Inc. group of brands. MoreFlavor!® Inc started in 1995 and is still privately owned by the same three owners.

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Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 8 in




















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