DIY WINE BOTTLING KIT: 50 Tasting Corks 50 Heat Shrink Capsules


Here’s a bottling kit consisting of 50 T-Corks and 50 Shrink caps.  You get the 50 corks and an assortment of 50 shrink caps, usually 20 Black, 20 Red, and 10 gold. Bottles are not included.  These corks are synthetic Noma and good for storing wine upright or on its side for 2 years.  This kit is easy to apply and will add a classic and professional finishing touch to your home bottling project.  

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  • Kit includes:  50 high quality synthetic T-Corks with a plastic black tops, and 50 shrink capsules (20 Black, 20 Red and 10 Gold) 
  • T-shaped design cork: These tasting corks have a T-shaped design.  The 19.5mm barrel size fits most wine bottles and can be inserted by hand. 
  • Shrink capsules: The package include 50 pieces PVC heat shrink capsules in 3 different colors, different colors will give your wine bottles different feeling.  If you don’t have a professional heat shrink machine for the capsules,  use a heat gun on low setting or a hair dryer on high.  If you use the boiling hot water method, be sure to hold the cap on with a long fork and wear a glove on the hand that holds the bottle.
  • T-Cork Stopper features:  Ease of use is the biggest feature, you just stick them in you don’t need a capper.  They admit very little oxygen, preventing unwanted taste changes.
  • Widely used:  Works with most used wine bottles you may have.  The wine corks stopper can be used on  bottles for champagne, beer, and wine bottles, Does not fit most whiskey bottles.

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