SANKEY D System KEG PARTY COUPLER Stainless Steel For Commercial Kegs with Cobra faucet and 4″ Hand Pump Krome C385


This handy pump is perfect for pressurizing and dispensing any USA standard type Sankey D commercial kegs.  Perfect for on the go, at parties, or in emergencies when you can’t get or don’t want to bring a CO2 tank and regulator.  Remember that time someone gave you a half keg of beer after the wedding?  Great for a backup system, pump up the pressure to the keg as needed and pour your draft!  Works with kegs from all major USA breweries  as well as most craft breweries.

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  • This hand pump is all you need to pressurize and dispense an American SANKEY D style Commercial Keg.
  • Perfect for parties, picnics, on the go dispensing, or CO2 keg emergencies.  Saves on rentals!
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to use with 4″ Pump, Sankey D tap, and Cobra faucet with tubing.
  • Sturdy stainless steel body – Meets all industry standards – Food safe – Seals for safety.
  • Easy to use, instructions on box, just tap the keg with the included Sankey D tap and pump to pressurize.
  • UPC: 8906016673851

Party pumps are generally used in smaller special event environments, for example, picnics, backyard BBQ’s, high school parking lots and beach parties.  The hand operated pump is the pressure source that forces the beer out of the keg.  Most people tap the keg and begin pumping.  This is incorrect.  Tap the keg and let natural pressure dispense the beer.  When this slows, open the faucet, dispense a beer, and pump at the same time.  This will result in a slower pour but less foam!  If the faucet is closed and you pump your dispense will be foamier.

More Tips:  After purchasing a commercial keg, it is recommended to cover the keg with a blanket or keg jacket to insulate it and keep it cool during transit to the party.  Transport the keg directly to the event if possible and when you arrive put it in a half barrel of ice, with ice on top of the keg if possible.  Keep the pump and keg out of direct sunlight.  When not in use, submerge faucet in the ice to keep the beer in the line cool.

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Weight 40 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 2 in











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