RASCHIG RINGS 1oz Ceramic Reflux Whiskey Still Packing and Boil Enhancer


Heres one ounce of 7mm Ceramic Raschig Rings to pack your column with or use as a boil enhancer.  Aids the start of the boil process, and ensures a smooth rolling boil that does not jump up and block the still.  They are made of inert ceramic material and will last practically forever.  Raschig Rings are an excellent column filling due to their high surface area and consistent large void space.  Similar to Berl Saddles in function.

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You can load your column with Raschig Rings to get extra fine separation of different boiling points when distilling.  Still packing will increase the proof, quality and speed of your distillation. Raschig Rings work great for column filling due to their large surface area. Proper use can increase the efficiency of your still and the purity of your spirits.  These are factory packed by LD Carlson under the FermFast brand name.

Raschig rings are small pieces of tube used in large numbers as a randomly packed bed within distillation columns. Raschig Rings provide a large surface area within the volume of the column for interaction between liquid and vapor. Raschig rings are named after the inventor, chemist Friedrich Raschig.  

In a reflux distillation column the condensed vapour from the boil goes up the column where it encounters the packing.  This covers the surfaces of the rings and the finer vapors continue up the column. The top is cooler and the finest vapors pass over into the cooling section.  The poorer part of the vapors drop back through the bed of Raschig Rings.  As the vapour and liquid pass each other countercurrently in a small space they tend towards equilibrium. Thus the less volatile material tends to go downwards, the more volatile material upwards, Increasing the proof of the product.


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