Pure Brewers CHERRY BRANDY ESSENCE (50 ml | 1.69 oz) Flavoring for Neutral Alcohol


Cherry Brandy Liqueur Essence is your key to unlocking a flavorful burst of cherry brandy liqueur in your homemade spirits and cocktails. This concentrated essence, available in a 50 mL (1.69 fl. oz.) bottle, can seamlessly blend with neutral alcohol or other liquids to create delectable liqueurs that elevate your craft-making journey.  Can be sweetened to taste.

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  • Pure Brewers Cherry Brandy essence mixes with your alcohol to deliver full-bodied cherry in every sip
  • Savor your distilling success with Pure Brewers non-alcoholic flavoring essence
  • Selling Unit: One bottle.  Size: 50 mL (1.69 fl. oz.)  Makes ~1 L of 19-24% Cherry Brandy
  • Ingredients: Glucose syrup, grape juice conc, water, anthocyanin, flavoring, caramel color E150(D), colors (E122, E142) sodium metabisulfite
  • Allergen information: Contains sulphites.  Product of Europe
  • UPC: 776982076066 ABC-SP-07606-EA

Instructions:  Add contents to 1L alcohol.  You may use 40% ABV for an 80 proof brandy or at your option use with stronger alcohol.  Shake well to mix.  You can add sugar if you want it sweet.  Allow to age for at least 20 minutes, best after a few days.

With our recipes, ingredients, and books you can reproduce just about any alcohol based drink you want, your way. You can also modify alcohol content and add additional aromas and taste traits.

It’s not rocket science, just good clean fun, an easy way to make the drinks you enjoy, at a price you can afford. What’s more, is if you follow the easy recipe guidelines and use the right flavor and sweetening mixed into your spirit base, the drink you make will taste so good your friends will find it hard to believe you made them yourself.

One of the issues you may encounter is proofing your distillates.  When you add the flavoring and sugars your proof will be reduced.  One way to compensate for this is to first determine the volume of water you will be adding to hit your proof target, then add the flavoring and sweeteners as part of the liquid you will be adding. 

SO that was a lot of information.  We’re a regular local brick and mortar homebrew store and would like to have your business. 


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