PUCKER PEACH SOUR ALE Premium Ingredient Package from Brewer’s Best Beer Kits LD Carlson 1082


Pucker up! This new Peach Sour Ale recipe from Brewer’s Best is easy to brew and does not need long aging or kettle souring.  Fruit forward blend of fresh tart peach flavor and crisp ale, combined with an intense sour finish. This sour brew is sure to shock your palate and make your mouth water. Cheers!

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  • Pucker Peach Sour Ale Ingredient Package makes 5 Gallons
  • Perfect blend of fresh tart peach and crisp ale, combined with an intense sour finish
  • IBUs: 34-38 ABV: 4.2  – 4.7 %  Og: 1. 050 – 1. 054 FG: 1.018 – 1.022
  • Color: Golden, Brewing Difficulty:  Easy
  • All ingredients, dry yeast, priming sugar and bottle caps are included.

Everything you need to craft your best brew is here. We start with fresh ingredients packaged to maintain flavor as well as easy-to-follow recipes measured to perfection.

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If you are brewing an easy-drinking Cream Ale or Continental Pilsner, Brewer’s Best® uses the lightest malt extract available. Pouring over a Russian Imperial Stout? Brewer’s Best® uses dark malt and roasted specialty grains for a rich, toasty flavor. All of our recipes are perfectly formulated to maintain the integrity of the beer style you choose to brew.

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