Propper Starter- Condensed Wort for Yeast Starter (16 oz) 1 Proper Can


One can of Propper Starter. Propper starter concentrated wort makes it easy to give your yeast the proper start when preparing high gravity brews, cold-pitched lagers, yeast packs nearing expiration and whenever a starter is recommended. No more measuring messy DME. No more waiting to boil and cool.  Big Tips!

NOTE: Ask about dented cans $1 off.

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A traditional yeast starter is fairly simple. You measure out your dry malt extract (DME), mix it with some filtered water, and you bring it to a boil. After bringing your wort to a boil, you immediately begin to cool it down. After cooling, pour wort in a sanitized flask and pitch your yeast. Simple right?

Omega has taken the cooling part out of the equation. No more having to wait for your wort to boil and then cool. With the Propper Starter, just mix a can with some reverse osmosis, distilled or purified water.

Omega does say if you decide to use purified water, you will need to boil it and then cool it. To keep it simple and avoid the boiling and cooling, I strongly suggest just going out to the store and buying reverse osmosis or distilled water.

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