PRIVATE PRESERVE Wine Preserver Inert Gas Aerosol Wine Bottle Sparging System


PRIVATE PRESERVE is a simple way to slow the natural aging process and keep opened bottle wines younger fresher longer. Air flows into a bottle when you first pop the cork. When you just reinsert the cork it does help somewhat by preventing continuous flow of air in and out of the bottle. But oops as you know the oxygen already inside will be enough to ruin the contents, ok for a day or so at best. Unless you spray in an Argon blanket of Private Preserve!  We have had customers report good wine still drinkable 30 days after opening with this product.  One bottle pays for the whole can, about 160 uses per can.  Also available in the full case of 12, saves $1 per can.

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Rated the number one wine preserver worldwide, Private Preserve saves partially consumed bottles of wine or any other liquid food/beverage.  Private Preserve is a spray can containing a unique blend of Argon and other inert gases that creates a safe blanket over the wine surface to keep it perfectly fresh.  Private Preserve displaces the oxygen in a recently opened bottle to prevent spoiling.  Simply ‘psssst’ some in there and put the cork back in.  An amazing 120-plus uses in a can, less than a dime per use.   MADE IN USA. 
Endorsed by some of the country’s best-known wine critics, the product preserves opened bottles by creating a blanket of inert gas over the wine to preserve it.  Developed in Napa valley by a winemaker, the Private Preserve system is completely self-contained in a single can and you don’t have to purchase expensive hardware and then get stuck finding proprietary refill cartridges.  Costs less than a dime per use.  Does not strip wine of its bouquet.  Private Preserve uses FDA approved 100% inert gases (medical grade, tastless, non-volatile, and non-toxic) to force out the oxygen from your opened bottle. Any oxygen that remains will be over the Argon, safely above your wine.  Preserves your wine’s freshness right in the bottle.  Easy to use, simply attach the included WD-40 style straw to the can, spray some in there, and recork.  Store upright.
Private Preserve is an essential wine accessory second only in importance to the corkscrew! An easy affordable way to enjoy fine wine by the glass.  Preserve wine at home or in a restaurant the same way winemakers preserve wine in wineries.

In addition to wine, Private Preserve is well suited to the preservation of any beverage.  Preserves port, sherry, single malts, single batch bourbons, old Cognac, sake, ultra-fine tequila, and in the kitchen, even fine cooking oils and vinegars.  You’ll find it in use at Mariott Hotels, PF Changs China Bistro, Robert Moldoavi vinyards, and the American Center for Wine, Food and Arts to name a few.  Every component of the Private Preserve Wine Preserver is recyclable.

DIRECTIONS:  Put the extension straw in the can nozzle WD-40 style.  Simply place straw in the bottle opening with the cork on top and spray briefly.  Follow the recommended doses on the can to remove all the oxygen. Once finished, quickly remove the straw and press the cork tightly in place. Takes about 3 seconds once you get the hang of it.  You can use the original cork or one of our many styles of tasting corks (not included).  Store the opened bottle upright.  Please note that a full bottle feels empty but contains enough gas for 120 full uses.

BLIND TASTINGS:  In a recently published study wines preserved for two days and seven days with the product earned some of the highest marks in comparison to more expensive competing products. The taster couldn’t tell much of a difference between a fresh bottle of wine and one preserved with Private Preserve for a week. 

DOES NOT STRIP BOUQUET:  Private Preserve Wine blankets the wine’s surface in bottle or decanter, and will not strip out the bouquet (volatile esters) like the vacuum devices, by using HARMLESS argon, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, Private Preserve to displace all of the oxygen.

THE SCIENCE:  Oxygen is corrosive to wine and once your bottle is open fresh oxygen enters.  Over a few hours it ‘oxidizes’ the wine and spoils the taste and bouquet.  So we use purge the fresh air containing oxygen with an inert gas that won’t change the wine. Private Preserve works by forming a layer of inert gas on top of your wine in an opened bottle.  The main gas in Private Preserve is Argon (Ar) which weighs 39.948u, almost twice as heavy as Oxygen (O) which weighs 15.999u.  Unlike imperfect vacuum preservation systems, the combination of argon, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen will not strip the wine of its bouquet.

WINE BY THE GLASS:  Preserves profits as well as wine!  Never toss a half bottle at the end of the night – Private Preserve them and they are good for days or even weeks (depending on the wine and environment).  Private Preserve is also an ideal way to build your ‘by the glass’ line of expensive wines, because you customers will never be served an oxygenated pour from yesterdays bottle.  You can get in cheap at less than $15 as opposed to hundreds or thousands for by-the-glass preservation systems.

WINERIES and WINEMAKERS:  Some wines benefit from Argon sparging during the original bottling process.  Private Preserve is the ideal way to test this out on part of a batch, and you’ll need some for the tasting room anyway, right?  Comes in cases of 12, bulk pricing available. 

IN THE KITCHEN:  Even prevents oxidation of cooking oils and vinegars.  


Dee Coutelle / CHICAGO SUN TIMES  “PRIVATE PRESERVE…essence of simplicity and effectiveness. Wine I left for two weeks, taking a periodic nip … not only remained intact, but… improved in mellowness” 

Dan Berger / LA TIMES  “… the best one [wine preserver] I’ve tested is PRIVATE PRESERVE, [half bottle of cabernet] left it six months … still fine when I finally reopened it.”

Anthony Dias Blue / BON APPETIT  “… several inexpensive systems…that preserve wine … We tested all of them and found PRIVATE PRESERVE … simplest and most effective.”

Irving Shelby Smith / FINE COOKING MAGAZINE, 8/95  “A Wine Saver that Works … PRIVATE PRESERVE … one of the few of winedom’’s innumerable gizmos really worth having.”

Jerry Mead / MEAD ON WINE  “… PRIVATE PRESERVE is far and away the most efficient, practical, easy-to use and economical home wine preservation product on the market”

Dan Kleck, Winemaker / PALMER VINEYARDS  “Simply The Best!”

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