PATHFINDER 48-Hour Turbo Yeast 1KG Sack Makes ~50 Gallons of Sugar Wash



Pathfinder TY-48 Hour Turbo is a high alcohol, osmotolerant (works good in high sugar concentrations) active dried yeast formulated with complete nutrient complex designed for pure sugar wash fermentations up to 20% ABV.  Includes AntiFoaming agent.  Pathfinder is dual function, you can sugar for 14% and it will finish in a couple days.  Sugar for 20%, double the Pathfinder used, and it will finish in 6-8 days.  A good replacement for Alcotech 48-Hour and at less than half the cost when you purchase this 10KG sack. One sack of Pathfinder equals around 8 single packs of Classic 8, enough to produce 44-58 Gallons.  Also available in the 22lb Sack and 6oz individual use packets.

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TY-48® is based on an active dried yeast strain with unusually high alcohol and osmotic pressure tolerances—formulated with a complete macro and micro nutrient complex optimized for pure sugar fermentations, TY-48® is able to ferment pure sugar washes up to 20 % ABV. Although designed for use with highly refined sugar substrates, TY-48® can be used with any fermentable sugar to ferment very high alcohol. Alternatively, TY-48® can be used for rapid fermentation to lower alcohol levels (e.g. 14 % ABV).  Kosher Parev, Product of UK.

TY-48® contains a chemically defined nutrient complex optimized for fermentation of very high ABV alcohol bases for use in beverage applications including FMB/CMB hard sodas. TY-48® can also be used for distillation of spirit alcohol from a variety of substrates. The nutrient complex in TY-48® contains all the essential macro and micro nutrients required for healthy fermentation, including nitrogen (urea source), phosphate, magnesium, B vitamins and trace minerals.

DIRECTIONS:  For 5 gallons of 14% alcohol in 48 hours add 4oz Pathfinder TY-48 to a 5 gallon 14% sugar wash.  Allow to stand 20 minutes then stir it in for one minute. Leave to ferment in 20-30°C (68-86°F), optimum is 25°C (77°F). Cover with a cloth, airlocks are not recommended.  Stir for one minute a couple times a day.

Commercial Application: Scale dosages for TY-48® as follows:

• 2.7 g/L (0.36 oz/US Gal) for fermentation to 14% ABV
• 5.4 g/L (0.72 oz/US Gal) for fermentation to 20% ABV.

TY-48® can tolerate liquid fermentation temperatures up to 38-40°C / 100-104°F,  but alcohol tolerance is impeded at these temperatures. For optimum performance and quality it is recommended to ferment at 22-24°C (72-75 oF) for 20% ABV (lower ABV fermentations up to 14 % ABV can be fermented warmer at 30-32°C (86-90°F) if rapid fermentation is required).  

Note that TY48® will generate unexpected quantities of heat during fermentation.  If fermentation liquid temperature is not controlled and exceeds the maximum tolerance at any time the ethanol tolerance will be impeded. TY-48 is not suited for propagation or post fermentation recovery for re-use.


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