PASSION FRUIT PUREE Oregon Fruit Products (Formerly Vintners Harvest) Aseptic for use in beer wine mohito base 49oz BLADDER


Here’s a 64oz tin of Vintner’s Harvest canned PASSION FRUIT puree to add character to your favorite homemade beverages and desserts.  If you’ve never tried a passion fruit before, Steven Raichlen’s description in Miami Spice captures it well: “Passion fruit flesh has the tartness of lime juice, the sweetness of honey, the fragrance of jasmine, and a perfumed flavor reminiscent of guava, lychee, and pineapple.”   

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These fruits are grown in the temperate regions of the world.  These purees contain no seeds or stems, which means they are easier to use with up to 10% or more product per tin.  No seeds and no skins!  The purees have been commercially sterilized so that they can be used right from the can. You simply sanitize the can top and opener, open the can, and add the puree to the primary or secondary fermenter!  The fruit inside the can has been aseptically packaged so that the flavor and aroma are maintained and there is no need to boil them, which would destroy the flavor and aroma.  49 Ounce tins, packed in the Pacific Northwest. 
Passion Fruit Puree is prepared from ripened, washed and sorted yellow PASSION FRUITS.  Puree may be made from fresh fruit during the harvest; or it may be made from frozen puree stock during the off season months.  Passion Fruits are cherished in family favorite baked goods, but also ready to explore modern culinary inspirations like Fruit wine, fruit beer, cider and mead, sorbet or mocktails and cocktails.  
You can find passion fruits grown in nearly any warm climate in the world, provided they are frost-free throughout the year. This includes the South Pacific, Central America, the Middle East, Africa, and the Mediterranean, as well as other subtropical locations throughout the world. These individual cultures utilize Passion Fruit in their cuisine, because the need for exportation is relatively slim, considering that it is grown in so many different places and varieties around the world. It is a popular breakfast food, juice, snack, and flavor additive to salsa, salad, and desserts.


Vintner’s Harvest Purees offer premium quality fruit with the year-round variety every chef, brewer, or winemaker needs.  There are no finer products on the market for crafting your own fruit beer, wine, or melomel.  One 49oz tin of our puree is perfect for adding to a 5 gallon batch of fruit beer or will make 2.5 gallons of 12% wine with 1.5lbs of sugar.  Or, MIX 50/50 WITH LEMONADE!  Passion fruit will win your heart in sweet treats like caramels, pudding, or a trifle. Perk up your toast with tangerine passion fruit marmalade, or go for macaroons with passion fruit buttercream. Best of all: drizzle it over ice cream!

Vintner’s Harvest understands from first hand experience the needs of the home enthusiast as well as those of the boutique and small scale wine producer.  We have sourced a nice range of fresh quality fruit and honey from the Pacific Coast to meet your needs and deliver value for you.  This is the next best thing to fresh fruit only it is available from Hobby Homebrew year round.  In some cases the tinned product may be superior because Vintners Harvest uses only the best quality perfectly ripened fruit.

Vintner’s Harvest Fruit Purees are fresh fruit in their own juices with nothing else added – no sugars and no sulfites. With a nice selection of delicious fruits to choose from, the Vintner’s Harvest line of fruit purees is sure to please the most discriminating home beverage maker.

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