PALL HALF RINGS 100g COPPER Column Packing for Reflux Still head – Better than RASCHIG RINGS or BERL SADDLES


PALL RINGS (Berl Saddles®) halves are tops in distillation tower packing!  Here’s a 100 gram pack of COPPER PALL RINGS, about a quarter cup.  These are intended for use at the top of the column along with some other packing material to create a break or ‘crack’ for reflux in the distillation process.  The unique VENTURI design forms a compact bed in your whiskey still column to trap unwanted fermentation by-products and return them to the boiler.  There is no more efficient still packing than these little wonders.  Scientific studies have shown that PALL RINGS do a better job than Berl® Saddles, Raschig Rings®, Chore Boys®, or even Intalox® saddles.  

These are small copper rings that measure about 10 mm³, a little larger than 1/3 of an inch square, a little bigger than the size of the eraser on a pencil.  They have been cut in half and crimped, making them ideal for the random packing at the top of the tower in your still, vacuum distillation, absorption and extraction. Fill the remainder of the tower with a less expensive product.  These saddles provide a highly usable surface area, lower gas flow resistance and excellent internal distribution. Your still will run faster and the product will come off cleaner and with a higher proof due to their extremely high surface area and consistent, defined void space. Can be used with any reflux alcohol still including the Still Spirits T500 still.  

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You can load the very top of your column with Raschig Rings to get extra fine separation of different boiling points when distilling.  Copper saddles are preferred over stainless steel or the ceramic, but you can use those below the copper saddles. 

The copper reacts with impurities like hydrogen sulfide and helps with the refluxing action that removes these impurities. Copper saddles are also not porous so they last longer.  Fill the top of the column with copper saddles, shaking into place as you fill. Then fill the rest of the column with stainless or ceramic packing.  Still packing will increase the proof, quality and speed of your distillation. Pall  Rings work great for column filling due to their large surface area. Proper use can increase the efficiency of your still and the purity of your spirits.  These are factory packed by BSG BEVIE under the Still Spirits brand name.

Raschig rings are small pieces of tube used in large numbers as a randomly packed bed within distillation columns. Raschig Rings provide a large surface area within the volume of the column for interaction between liquid and vapor. Raschig rings are named after the inventor, chemist Friedrich Raschig.  Each ring measures around 10mmx10mmx5mm.

In a reflux distillation column the condensed vapor from the boil goes up the column where it encounters the packing.  This covers the surfaces of the rings and the finer vapors continue up the column. The top is cooler and the finest vapors pass over into the cooling section.  The poorer part of the vapors drop back through the bed of Raschig Rings.  As the vapor and liquid pass each other counter currently in a small space they tend towards equilibrium. Thus the less volatile material tends to go downwards, the more volatile material upwards, Increasing the proof of the product.


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