OPTI MALO PLUS 60g Nutrient for Malolactic Fermentation from Scott Laboratories (Medium Pack)


A blend of cellulose, nutrients, and yeast hulls added directly to the wine. Feeds, removes toxins and keeps ml in suspension. Mix with minimal water to dissolve and add to wine. Do not add to rehydration water. Use 1 g per gallon of wine.

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Opti’Malo Plus® is a blend of specific inactivated yeast, rich in amino nitrogen, cell wall polysaccharides and cellulose.  It is a natural nutrient to support MLF in wine.  Designed for the complex nutrient requirements of Oenococcus oeni.  In addition to sugar and organic acids (malate, citrate & pyruvate) they require:

• Organic nitrogen (amino acids and peptides)
• Trace minerals (Mn, Mg, K, Na)
• Vitamins

Wine is usually a poor source of these nutrients due to:

• Musts having limited available levels especially in high maturity grapes
• Indigenous microflora may have already used what was there originally
• Nitrogen deficiency and limited yeast autolysis

To help MLF in difficult wines, Opti’Malo Plus® has been developed by blending:

• a special inactive yeast rich in amino acids, mineral cofactors and vitamins
• a second inactive yeast preparation with high cell wall polysaccharide content
• cellulose to provide surface for keeping bacteria in suspension and to absorb toxic compounds

This blend results in a significant reduction in the duration of the malolactic fermentation.
2000 Chardonnay, Germany
pH 3.05, alcohol 13%vol, total SO2 <30ppm, temp. 17°C
Opti’Malo Plus® benefits found:

• better nutrient availability in the wine
• faster start of malolactic fermentation
• better survival and faster growth of the bacterial starter culture
• reduced risk of MLF by undesired bacteria due to the dominance of the selected strain
• organoleptic preference of these wines

Better results in difficult wines such as:

• highly clarified white wines
• wines from very mature grapes

Directions:  Opti-Malo PlusÒ may be suspended in a small amount of water or wine and then added directly to the wine at anytime from 48
hours prior to or up until the same time as the ML bacteria addition.  Note: due to the very high polysaccharide concentration in Opti-Malo Plus, avoid combining it with the freeze-dried malolactic culture in the same rehydration water.

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