Warminster Traditional Floor Malted CRYSTAL MALT 60L 1 lb 1580A


This Warminster crystal provides color, unique flavor, body, improves head retention and beer stability. It also imparts a sweet, caramel flavor with toffee notes and an orange to light red color. Crystal Malts add no fermentable extract but are ‘the bricks and mortar’  Swiss army knife of flavor and color in beers.  For light Amber beers, use 3-7 percent to provide color, sweetness, flavor and body. For a medium amber beer, try 5-15 percent of the grist. For extract batches, steep 2 oz to 1 lb. Found in pale ales, marzen beers and bocks.  Color is 60 Degrees lovibond.

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  • Warminster British Crystal 60 L malt 1 lb Uncrushed
  • Sweet, pronounced caramel
  • Provides unique flavor and a golden hue
  • Use 3-15% to improve head retention and beer stability. 
  • Found in everything, most common in pale ales, porters, marzen beers and bocks.

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