MOTHER OF VINEGAR for Apple Cider Vinegar by SUPREME 8oz (236 mL)


 This mother is an especially selected well bred strain produces a truly ‘Supreme’ apple cider vinegar.  Whether you are having an oil an vinegar dressing on your salad, drinking a shrub or simmering tomatoes you will appreciate the fine flavor of your own white wine vinegar.  This starter jar will make a quart (32 oz.) of apple cider vinegar from hard cider.  From there you move your mother to a fresh jar and begin a new batch, larger if you want.  The mother will end up looking like a kombucha scoby with filmy arms,  and you can split it up to keep it going or give as gifts.  Works well with our line of wine kits, especially if you want to do 3 or more gallons at a time. Instructions are on the jar.  Vinegar is easy to make but there are many fine points of making the eternal condiment.    You can reuse and even split the mother from your vinegar and keep this special strain going through gifts to friends forever!

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Supreme Vinegar LLC is a Bensalem, PA based company dedicated to excellence and the production of flavorful, niche vinegars from around the world or created in our own kitchen!  All of our vinegars are made without added sugar, chemicals, or additives and are made directly from the syrups of the fruits they represent. Each batch is made with care and precision combining old techniques and modern chemistry in order to ensure the quality of the final product.

How do I keep the mother for future batches?  Start another batch or if you are not ready for that put the mother  in 5% commercial vinegar and seal air tight.  Store in a cool dark place.

This cider mother of vinegar is perfect for making up to 1 quart (32 oz) of cider vinegar. Directions: For hard cider 8%-10% ABV, add 8 oz of mother to 16 oz of hard cider to make 24 oz of vinegar. For hard cider 11%-16% ABV, add 8 oz of mother & 8 oz of water to 16 oz of hard cider to make 32 oz (1 qt.) of vinegar. Place in glass, wood, or food safe HDPE plastic w/a removable top or holes allowing for aeration. Cover holes or open top with cheesecloth to prevent insect infestation. Allow to sit 6-12 weeks. Best temperatures are 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit. You can reuse the new mother from your vinegar.

After a few weeks a new mother will form on the surface of the vinegar conforming to the shape of the jar.  It will look just like a kombucha scoby.  Keep some of the cloudy vinegar and your mother after you pour off most of the vinegar.   Pour it into a freshly sanitized jar, add more beer and you are making more vinegar.

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