Montana Craft Malt PILSNER MALTED GRAIN 55 LB Sack Uncrushed 1522C


Big Sky, Pure Flavor!  Montana Craft Malt Pilsner malt, starts with select, high-quality Synergy barley and is malted slowly under cool conditions for consistent, even modification. Kilning is also taken slowly, under low air temperatures and high air flow in order to maintain maximum enzyme potential and very low color. The resulting distinctive Pilsner malt is clean and sweet, making it a perfect choice for all your lighter beers, as well as the perfect canvas to layer flavors on for most any beer coming out of your brew house. Its light yellow color, almost neutral  flavor (slight notes of honey and straw), and low protein content make Montana Craft Pilsner an excellent choice for brewing clear, clean-tasting lagers.

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  • Big Sky, Big Flavor!  Slow malting and slow kilning for maximum flavor, enzyme potential, and very low color
  • Montana Craft Malt PILSNER MALTED GRAIN 55 LB Sack Uncrushed
  • MCM PILSNER is a traditional North American style pilsner malt
  • Create extraordinary works of edible and drinkable craftsmanship
  • Usage Rate Up to 100%,  Color °L <2.19, Protein Total <12.5, Moisture % Max <5.0, Extract FG Min >80.0

Together with growers, scientists, maltsters, brewers, distillers and food makers, we tap into the incredible versatility of barley – to create extraordinary works of edible and drinkable craftsmanship.

Headquartered in Butte, MT, we have the great fortune to work near the world’s best barley-growing region. Alongside top independent growers, surrounded by snow-fed rivers, under giant blue skies, and nearer to pure human ingenuity, we craft classic and artisanal malts unlike anywhere else.

A barley obsession! Here in the heart of Big Sky country, we’re ideally situated to help producers tackle the challenge of reliably sourcing novel, first-rate ingredients.

We confess, we get pretty excited about malt and its boundless possibilities. Working with the top independent barley growers in Montana, we have unique access to the world’s best raw material, and that feeds our curiosity to craft bold new malts with exceptional flavor profiles.

We’re designing a broad selection of homegrown malts for lagers, ales, and pilsners, as well as specialty blends like Vienna and Munich malts, low-color crystal malt, and wheat- and oat- based malts.

By now you’ve probably figured out: We’re really into malt….

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