MONSTERBRITE Plate Filter Vinamat Eurofilter 3in1 Electric Wine Filtering System COMPLETE KIT


The MonsterBrite Wine/Beer Plate Filter is now available as a nearly complete kit with everything you need except the pair of 8.75″ filter pads and a 3/8″ racking cane or bucket with spigot to begin filtering your homebrew.  Filtration will reduce or eliminate sediments in the bottle. Filtered beer or wine has a sparkling commercial appearance.  Filtered beer with little or no yeast content will also age differently, and will not pick up yeast flavors from the sediment in the bottle or keg.  The Eurofilter works either by gravity or electricity, utilizing a gravity siphon to move the liquid or an aquarium pump to place a small amount of pressure (6psi) in your carboy.  This, assisted by gravity,  helps the liquid move through the filter a little quicker.

The kit comes with everything shown except the racking cane and filter pads.  You need two pads for each run.  Filters are available in three grades, coarse, fine, and sterile.  We suggest you order the coarse or fine to begin with.  The sterile does take several hours.  The frame is currently coming in color orange.  The filter frame with gaskets and bolts, aquarium pump, air tubing, liquid tubing, clamps, splitter, and carboy cap are included.

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  • Easy to assemble, has a unique fastening system and the filter plates have slots instead of holes.
  • The surface area of the filters will extract more yeast and particles than other commonly used filters.
  • The Wine/Beer Plate Filter requires two 8.75″ diameter pads (not included) for each filtering session.
  • Coarse fluffy sides face each other.  Filter pads should be of the same grade.
  • Use gravity or an aquarium pump to push the wine/beer through the filter.

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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in


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