MCLURE’S MAPLE SUGAR 8oz New England Grade A Natural Sweetener


Try something a bit new and unique with this golden maple sugar.  It is popular in Canada and the coldest regions of North America where production occurs.  McLure’s Maple Sugar is made from US Grade A Maple Syrup. A great substitute for refined white sugar in baking. By replacing refined white sugar with maple sugar you can reduce the sugar in a recipe by half.  Try maple sugar in baking and glazes, as an ingredient in rubs and marinades, in coffee, tea, and cider, on toast, in yogurt, lemonade, any hot cereal, or sprinkled on fresh fruit or warm cookies.  Delicious on top of Lattes!

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Maple sugar is difficult to create as the sugar easily burns and thus the process requires considerable skill.  Ever stared at the price tag for maple sugar at the store (if you can find it) in disbelief and shook your head? Us, too.  We think our price is very low for Mclure’s, please compare and let us know.

  • Only one ingredient:  Maple Syrup.  Adds delicious maple flavor and aroma to anything.
  • Maple sugar is processed by evaporating water from pure Grade A maple syrup until it reaches a dryer granular consistency. 
  • 100% Pure and all natural. Sustainably harvested from Hardwood forests in the USA and Canada.  Made in USA.
  • No chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, or other additives.
  • Contains minerals and antioxidants, including calcium, iron, zinc and manganese.
  • Family owned and operated. Made from only the highest quality dark, amber, and golden maple syrup.

Maple sugar was preferred by First Nations American Indian peoples as this form of sugar could easily be transported and lasted a long time.

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